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Weightlifting has ancient origins. His credentials include: certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Vision Fitness Sprint 8” certified associate, and he has completed the TRX Certified Suspension Training Course.

When the platform is placed on a stage, restraining bars at least the width of the platform must be suitably and safely fixed to the stage, at minimum two and half (2.5) metres from the front edge of the platform, and two (2) metres from the rear edge, but as close as possible to the front and rear edges of the stage.

Olympic weight benches dumbbell benches, preacher curl benches and ab benches are worth discussing. If you're setting up a home gym the type of home weight lifting equipment you buy will be dependent on the amount of space you have available and your budget. The first year we were only able to purchase new bars for our weight room.

Squat & Power Racks: While they don't offer all of the features of a smith machine, the power racks and squat racks also offer a safer workout environment for serious weightlifting. Some accessories that will round out the gym are charts and or books that show how to perform the exercises correctly.

Smith Machines: Smith machines offer a great deal of safety and variety when performing certain exercises.Smith machines have an attached Olympic bar which allows the user to perform squats, benching and other exercises in complete safety and without the worry of getting "stuck" during an exercise.

If you already have equipment in your home gym, be sure to check out towers and benches to add to your collection and take your workout to the next level. When it comes to outfitting your home gym, fitness studio, school weight room or dance studio with lightweight wall mount mirrors or rolling stand mirrors, be sure to check out our famous line of Glassless Mirrors.

Home gyms delivers multiple workouts in a single home system. Get serious about your workout routine with the best weight equipment you can find on the market. Olympic sized bars give the most advantages, but you can also choose smaller ones for arm exercises.

Dumbbells - Most gyms will have dumbbells, even if they don't have barbells. Whether you are looking to equip a whole gym, improve your own strength and fitness or compete on the world stage, take a look through our sometimes weird but always high quality products.

From weight benches to dip stands and pushup stands, this equipment can give you the support and assistance you need to work out as weight lifting equipment efficiently and completely as you'd at the gym. If building significant muscle mass is your goal, free weights are the best option.

A disadvantage of free weights is that certain exercises are hard to perform. For over 20 years, Pro Industries has equipped custom weight rooms in Indiana with its elite line of strength training equipment and accessories. Craig has worked in the fitness equipment industry since 1988 and has a Master of Science in Exercise Science and a Bachelor's in Sports Biology from Springfield College.

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